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Free online typing course

To improve and speed up their typing on a computer? To learn fingering and typing? To all this for free? Learn to our page typescript ONLINE write all ten fingers!

This site is intended for beginners, but also for experienced users keyboard. Beginners will appreciate the Theory section, in which can learn the fingering and the actual introduction to the manuscript. The site can be found training exercises prepared for teaching typing. In the initial simplest exercises you will learn fingering, the exercise intensity increases. Canned exercise you will gradually lead The speed and quality of your writing all ten fingers will grow.


Study the basic theory of typing / writing all ten fingers.

To study the fingering.

Includes professionally developed training exercises for the manuscript itself.

Tracking number of strokes.

Tracking the number of false

beats / in case of erroneous impact user continues typing.

Evaluation of the number of beats per minute of exercise completed.

Evaluation of error for the completed exercise.